Re-Opening of the the Margravial Opera House Bayreth


In 2018, Bayreuth celebrates a special occasion: after years of major renovation and restoration work, the Margravial Opera House will reopen its doors to the public in April 2018.

The goal of the work was to restore the theater to its original design and former glory. The auditorium is considered to be one of the most spectacular concert venues of the European Baroque. Anyone visiting the opera house after April 2018 will get to experience what the year 1748 felt like, when the talented and artistic Bayreuth Margrave Wilhelmine presided over the grand opening ceremonies at “her” house. The original grand opening celebration included a performance of “Artaserse” by the composer Johann Adolph Hasse. So it is only fitting, that the same opera will be performed for the grand re-opening on April 12, 2018. Other ways to get into the excitement of the opera house re-opening include guided tours and the “Bayreuth Residenz Days” (April 17 – 29, 2018) celebrating “curtains up”.

Article in the New York Times "Inch by Inch, an Operatic Jewel Is Polished"

25 years of UNESCO World Heritage Site "Old Town of Bamberg"


The city of Bamberg celebrates a UNESCO anniversary in 2018: 25 years of UNESCO World Heritage Site designation! And amazingly, the entire Old Town of Bamberg has been given that designation.

So the Bamberg world heritage area comprises around 142 hectares and 2400 buildings on the historic register. Bamberg’s significance lies in its medieval roots and its being a model of European city development. A stroll through town inevitably turns into a journey through time. The journey begins in the 11th century and, in tight quarters, takes you through the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and the Modern Age. Bamberg celebrates its World Heritage birthday with anniversary guided tours, special exhibits, a UNESCO World Heritage Day (early June 2018), a big festival on the market square and other events. Another big happening is the grand opening of a new World Heritage Information Center at the end of 2018.

Bavarian State Garden Show in Würzburg

View of Würzburg from the Marienberg Fortress

Würzburg’s “green” focus in 2018 is the Hubland part of town. The Hubland will be the site of the Bavarian State Garden Show from April 12 – October 7, 2018.

The symbol for the event is a butterfly, representing change, and the central theme for the garden show is “Living in the Future” or how to combine urban life and nature. The Hubland itself is a prime example of urban change. Throughout history, the area was used for executions, to grow potatoes, it was a launch pad for pioneers of early flight and, most recently, the location of a US Army base. By the time the garden show opens its doors, the old mall will have been converted to a food court, the tower will be a view tower, the old gas station will be an American Diner, and the old sports arena will have become a flower hall. There will be a greenbelt trail with amazing views of Würzburg encircling the entire area. Change is also the theme of the event program and all three stages will offer different programs every two weeks. The series will start with the topic “Human Flight – Taking Off” and will end with “Transformation – Like a Butterfly”.

Fürth “200 Years of Independence”

Town Hall Tower and Sculpture in Fürth

Fürth is celebrating its rise to become a “First Class City” in 2018.

In 1818 the Bavarian Kingdom awarded that status to the city of Fürth. This new situation gave its citizens new opportunities for independence and self-governance, such as the right to elect a municipal council. 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of this important event and Fürth’s motto for the anniversary celebration is “200 Years of Independence”.