Highlights 2022

Franconia, a diverse travel destination, is considered by many guests to be a "miniature image of Germany". In addition to this given offer of travel landscapes and cultural as well as culinary history, special topics will be added in 2022:

Typically Franconia? The Bavarian State Exhibition in AnsbachNature parks in Franconia: Jubilee in the belly of the Earth"200 years of ETA Hoffmann" in BambergBack to the dark times: The 125th performance of the "Kinderzeche" in DinkelsbühlOpening of the "Christian Schad Museum" in Aschaffenburg / The Future Museum in NürnbergFranconia celebrates "550 Years of Cranach the Elder"

Typically Franconia? The Bavarian State Exhibition in Ansbach

What exactly does "Typically Franconian" mean? The Bavarian State Exhibition in Ansbach will pursue this question from May 25 to November 6, 2022.

The magnificent orangery in the Hofgarten becomes the setting for the exhibition, which brings us right to the heart of the subject. The orangery belongs to the legacy of the margraves from the Hohenzollern family, who shaped large parts of Franconia for centuries. But they were not the only rulers: equally powerful prince-bishops ruled Franconia, as well as the free imperial cities which were only subordinate to the emperor. Therefore, typically Franconian means the different influences reflected in the architectural and cultural landscape and often even in the culinary traditions. The exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the history of Franconia, where they encounter not only margraves in love and powerful bishops, but also swan knights, distinguished spa guests, cunning robbers, and faithful townswomen.


Nature parks in Franconia: Jubilee in the belly of the Earth

One character of Franconia is the diversity of its nature parks: ten parks altogether make up more than half of the vacation destination.

Nature has created very different landscapes in Franconia: from gentle hills to beautiful low mountain ranges to endless forests, you can find it all in nature parks.

A special feature of the Franconian nature parks are their bizarre rock formations and caves. They can be found in large numbers in the Franconian Switzerland - Franconian Jura Nature Park: for example, the Bing cave near Streitberg or the Sophien cave near Rabenstein Castle. A particularly beautiful experience in the “belly of the Earth” awaits visitors in the Pottenstein devil's cave (Teufelshöhle) with its unique stalactite formations. It was opened to visitors 100 years ago: with the first “cave tourists” in late autumn 1922, the Teufelshöhle established itself as the first tourist attraction in Franconian Switzerland.


"200 years of ETA Hoffmann" in Bamberg

Bamberg celebrates its master of dark romance: 2022 marks "200 years of ETA Hoffmann".

ETA Hoffmann, known for works such as "The Devil's Elixirs" or "The Sandman", was a universal artist and music director of the Bamberg theater for five years from 1808. In his honor, it bears the name "ETA Hoffmann Theater." Directly opposite, the "E.T.A. Hoffmann House," where the artist lived, offers an opportunity to delve even deeper into the world of the Romantics.



Back to the dark times: The 125th performance of the "Kinderzeche" in Dinkelsbühl

The story goes that Dinkelsbühl was saved in Thirty Years' War by a band of brave children.

To celebrate the rescue of the city from destruction by the Swedes in 1632, every year the brave children are commemorated with a festival play and a procession. The "Kinderzeche" will be held in 2022 from July 15 to July 24 for the 125th time in total.


Opening of the "Christian Schad Museum" in Aschaffenburg / The Future Museum in Nürnberg

The 15 Franconian cities invite you to exciting museum visits. For example, the "Christian Schad Museum" will open in Aschaffenburg in 2022, and the Future Museum in Nuremberg provides insights into the technologies of tomorrow.

On June 3, 2022, the "Christian Schad Museum" in Aschaffenburg will open. The work of Schad, known today primarily as "Master of New Objectivity" has numerous other facets which the museum will illuminate. The exhibition is based on the extensive estate which the artist, who died in 1982, bequeathed to his temporary adopted home of Aschaffenburg.


The new Zukunftsmuseum (Future Museum) in Nuremberg shows that a museum does not have to look only to the past. As a branch of the Deutsches Museum, it explains and questions the technologies of tomorrow and provides an overview of what might await us in 10, 15 or 50 years - from useful robots to flying cars to journeys to Mars.


Franconia celebrates "550 Years of Cranach the Elder"

Along with Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach was one of the most important Renaissance painters. 2022 marks the 550th anniversary of his birth.

But he not only captured the great themes of his time in remarkable paintings, as a friend and portraitist of Martin Luther he was also an important companion of the Reformation. Above all, he was an outstanding businessman who was highly effective in mass production in his workshop. In the anniversary year, you can encounter this fascinating personality in the "Franconian Gallery" at the Rosenberg Fortress in his birth town Kronach, or at the exhibition "Between the Chairs - Cranach, Luther and the Cardinal" (October 15, 2022 to January 8, 2023) at the Aschaffenburg Abbey Museum.