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Information/ Correction/ Disabling/ Deleting

You can request information on personal data stored by the Tourismusverband Franken e.V. at any time by contacting the Tourismusverband Franken e.V., Pretzfelder Straße 15, 90425 Nürnberg.

Furthermore, you can request that incorrect information be corrected and – as long as there are no legal storage time requirements exist – you can also request that your personal data be disabled and deleted.


Legal Notices

Legal Rights

The sources of non-proprietary content are clearly marked. Such content is not the property of the Tourismusverband Franken e.V.

The Tourismusverband Franken e.V. does not own the content of external websites. The Tourismusverband Franken e.V. also reserves the right to not publish content and/or comments of external websites in their entirety. This website contains links to external websites that are not under the control of the Tourismusverband Franken e.V. The Tourismusverband Franken e.V. is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Listing of Featured Accommodations, Packages and Events

Featured accommodations, packages and events (offers) are selected based on specific search parameters and then listed randomly or in alphabetical order. The Tourismusverband Franken e.V. does not guarantee the quality of the offers provided by the suppliers of the displayed list. Offers with ratings by third party sites (such as TrustYou) are listed in order of their ratings.

Classification of Accommodations

The data on the character, furnishings and classification of listed accommodations is based on information provided by the suppliers. Unless noted otherwise, the star ratings are based on the classification of the Deutscher Hotel und Gaststättenverband (DEHOGA) or the Deutscher Tourismusverband (DTV). You can find specific classification criteria at or

Finding and Booking of Accommodations, Vacation Packages, Guided Tours and Other Services

Legal obligations of the Tourismusverband Franken e.V. related to the finding and booking of accommodations, vacation packages, guided tours or other services are governed by the current laws governing travel agencies.

The legal obligations between a guest and a service provider are governed by law and, unless specified otherwise, by the General Terms of Business of the service provider (for providers of accommodations this are usually Guest Services Policies and Travel Policies for vacation packages).

The Tourismusverband Franken e.V, merely functions as a service broker and is not responsible for the services offered. The supplier is solely responsible for the services provided.

Service providers are responsible for the content and accuracy of the listed information concerning their accommodations, vacation packages, guided tours and other services.


Event information listed is based on the information provided by local and regional event organizers. The Tourismusverband Franken e.V. is not responsible for this content and its accuracy.

Any listed events are subject to changes, sometimes on short notice, concerning their date, time, location, or course. It is therefore recommended that travelers confirm with the event organizers prior to booking accommodations, purchasing train tickets or other means of transportation, to make sure the event is taking place as advertised. Please also review the organizers weather-related cancellation policies.


The layout of the homepage, web site graphics and pictures as well as the entire content of this site is copyrighted. Use of copyrighted materials by third parties requires prior written permission by the Tourismusverband Franken e.V.