Margraves. Bach. Kaspar Hauser.

Ansbach has a very distinctive cultural heritage as a former royal seat, the home of Kaspar Hauser, and a town known for Franconian rococo. The city is putting its heritage to good use by, for example, showcasing modern art in public spaces on its “Sculpture Mile”. Modern art is juxtaposed to historical buildings and spaces as well as modern structures.

Ansbach is located in the middle of Romantic Franconia and the town impresses with its congruent historical townscape and extraordinary buildings. First and foremost, there are the margravial residence with its orangery and splendid royal garden.

The former seat of the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach still has the representative look of a capital and royal city of the 18th century. The Church Saint Gumbertus, which was the place of worship of the royal court, is especially notable. Since 2007, the sound of the restored Wiegleb organ again fills the beautiful nave. Below the church, in the royal crypt, is the final resting place of several dukes and duchesses. Their lives are also documented by displays at the Margravial Museum. The museum also features a large Kaspar-Hauser collection where all aspects of the fascinating life of this world-famous foundling are on display.

Ansbach is Kaspar Hauser‘s town. He lived here, worked here, and he was assassinated here. The mysterious orphan is also buried here. Every other year, the Kaspar-Hauser Festival – which alternates with the Bach Festival on the other years – brings this part of local history back to life. The Bach Festival is a traditional concert series that draws international artists and visitors to the city.

Every summer, Ansbach hosts an extravagant Rococo Festival in the royal garden, every winter you can visit the cozy Christmas market with its 9 meter high Christmas pyramid. Or you can go to the castle courtyard for spirited military music of the last centuries. Also typical for Ansbach is a love and appreciation for church music as well as less formal art, as can be seen in the art district. For your palate, there is no shortage of charming restaurants offering Franconian cuisine.


  • Margravial Residence and Fayence- and Porcelain Collection
  • Orangery at the Margravial Royal Garden
  • Margravial Museum with Kaspar Hauser Collection
  • Rococo Festival
  • Bach Festival in ansbach (every other year)


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