The Coburg-Rennsteig Trail


Splendid castles, traveling back in time to old childhood toys, nature’s beauty, unforgettable hiking and bicycling opportunities: That’s what the vacation area Coburg Rennsteig is all about.

The majestic Fortress Veste Coburg sits above the beautiful residence city of Coburg like the Crown of Franconia. Maybe less imposing, but nevertheless magnificent and always worth a visit are the Rosenau Castle in the Röden Valley, as well as the nearby castles Ehrenburg, Callenberg, and the Veste Heldburg in the Coburg.Rennsteig region.

The past does not only come to life in baroque buildings. Reminisce about times gone by in the Museum of the German Toy Manufacturers in Neustadt near Coburg, the German Toy Museum in Sonneberg, and the Coburg Puppet Museum. The Rennsteig Trail is a preferred route for visitors planning to hike or bike through beautiful nature and lower mountain regions.


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