Unique. World Heritage. Wine Heritage.

The Residenz Castle in Würzburg has been dedicated as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site since 1982. The Castle is considered to be one of the main works of Southern German baroque-era architecture and it is one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe. But there is a lot more than that to Würzburg: The old city on the banks of the Main River has an exciting atmosphere of baroque flair, great architecture, and a rich cultural tradition.

The view from the Fortress Marienberg down to the city and the towers of the Kilians Cathedral, the New Minster, and Mary‘s Chapel is breathtaking by anybody‘s standards. Do you remember the poem? “Leading across the Main River, there is a bridge made from stone…” – the fortress and the towers are connected by the beautiful Old Main River Bridge.

In Würzburg are first class cultural events and many other happenings. But beware: You may want to come back! The choices include art, museums, magnificent buildings, proud heritage as well as joie de vivre and a relaxed atmosphere. The landscape as well as life in Würzburg is dominated by the presence of 25,000 college students, Franconian wine and the unique, fat-bellied “Bocksbeutel” bottle.

Sun drenched vineyards and the renowned appellation Würzburger Stein provide a picturesque image and superb, high quality wines – from “Blaufränkischer” (Pinot Noir variety) to “Weißer Burgunder” (Pinot Blanc variety). In the old town, enjoy cozy restaurants, traditional wine taverns and regional, Franconian cuisine as well as exquisite, international cuisine or visit the Christmas market in Advent and taste the local mulled wines and other seasonal delicacies.

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  • Residenz Castle (UNESCO World Heritage)
  • Fortress Marienberg and Riemenschneider Collection
  • Old Main River Bridge
  • Falkenhaus on Market Square
  • Top Wine Estates ("Juliusspital", "Bürgerspital" and "Staatlicher Hofkeller")