The Spessart-Mainland Region takes you to a fairyland. There are centuries old, giant trees, historical towns, awesome hiking trails, and, of course, a lot of wine and everything that goes with it.

The trails of the Spessart-Mainland Region take you through ancient forests, past expansive crab orchards, and right into Franconian culture and history. The region lends itself to bike touring and hiking. It’s a magical experience you don’t want to miss!

Especially recommended are the two Spessart hiking trails that are certified by the German Hiking Federation. The trails also take you to the architectural highlights of the area, such as Aschaffenburg, the “Bavarian Nice,” or the romantic castle built in water in Mespelbrunn. For rest and relaxation along the way, try any of the pittoresque, small wine towns along the Main River. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of half-timbered houses, steep roofs, and narrow streets. And, of course, we recommend a glass of Franconian wine to refresh the spirits.