A Dazzling Cultural Display

Franconia offers cultural diversity and historical heritage. The combination of the two guarantees a sensual and exciting experience for all.

There are shiny castles inside towns, majestic medieval fortresses overlooking valleys, and the absolute highlights are the UNESCO-World Heritage Sites: Bamberg’s old city, the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth, Bad Kissingen as part of the "Great Spa Towns of Europe" and the Residenz Castle in Würzburg. Another World Heritage Site is the Limes, the ancient Roman wall that is a testament to Franconia’s importance in ancient times.

Today, the historical buildings may serve as the backdrop for world-class concerts. The most famous example of which is the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth. Aside from Richard Wagner, other world-famous Franconians include Albrecht Dürer and Balthasar Neumann.

But it is not just the art, the masterpieces, or the museums and architecture that make up Franconia’s incredible cultural heritage. Just as importantly, the local heritage is kept alive through the celebration of historical festivals. The local “KulTourPfad Franken” is a great way to experience Franconia’s history first hand, from the Middle Ages to the glory of the free cities, all the way to its industrial monuments.