Franconian Lake Region

Spending the summer in Franconian Lake Region is especially rewarding: For one, you can enjoy water as far as the eye can see and for two, there is a lot to explore on land as well.

The Altmühl Lake, the Brombach Lake and the Roth Lake comprise over 1900 hectares of water, enough to draw water enthusiasts from near and far. The most popular activities are swimming, diving, sailing, wind surfing, fishing, and boating. Scheduled passenger boat trips as well as maintained beaches round out the offering and assure a pleasant stay during your summertime visit.

For anybody venturing past the water and the shoreline, an intriguing landscape awaits: Expansive meadows, hop gardens, pine forests and sandy soils reminiscent of more Southern climates dominate the landscape. The area is ideally suited for explorations on foot or by bicycle. You should also take time to explore the cultural heritage of the area. The Limes, a Roman border wall and today UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, runs between Weissenburg i. Bay and Gunzenhausen.