Sixteen Vacation Areas to Choose From

Franconia is an amazing region that features 16 distinct areas for your vacation pleasure, each with its own variety and flair.

Sixteen amazing vacation spots in one place: That’s how amazing Franconia is! To the North, explore the Spessart Mainland, the Rhön Region, the Hassberge Mountains, the Upper Main River/Jura Region, the Coburg Rennsteig Trail, the Franconian Forest, and the Fichtelgebirge Mountains. In the Southern part of Franconia, relax in the Lovely Tauber River Valley, the Romantic Franconia, the Franconian Lake Country, or in the Altmühl Valley Nature Park. And in the middle, there is the Franconian Wine Country, the Steigerwald Forest, the Franconian Switzerland, the Nuremberger Land, as well as the Nuremberg City Region.