Best Place to Hike

Franconia’s network of hiking trails is in a class by itself. Natural, cultural, and historical treasures are everywhere you look.

The hiking experience in Franconia is summed up wonderfully by one of Franconia’s own: The poet Friedrich Rückert coined the phrase “Having your sight set on your destination only, will spoil your entire trip.” Franconia’s hiking trails are simply too beautiful (which is why many of them are certified) to not be enjoyed fully. There is a surprise around each bend, whether it is something natural, cultural or a hospitable inn.

Ten Nature Parks as well as Culinary and Cultural Treasures

Franconia is amazingly diverse: There are 16 distinct vacation regions. There is unspoiled nature in the Spessart Forest and the Main River Delta to the West, the Fichtelgebirge Mountains to the East, the Rhön Region to the North, the Nuremberg City Region, the Altmühl Nature Park to the South, and everything in-between. Hiking in Franconia includes the forested ridges, such as the Frankenwald Forest, the Spessart Forest and Main River Delta, the Hassberge Mountains, as well as picturesque trails alongside the banks of rivers and lakes in the Romantic Franconia Region and the Franconian Lake Country. Unusual rock formations are found in the Franconian Switzerland and in the Nuremberger Land. And, last but not least, sun-kissed vineyards are the hallmark of the Franconian Wine Country and the Lovely Tauber River Valley.

All of Franconia’s regions are unique, wonderful places to hike. Franconia is home to 10 amazing nature parks, encompassing over 50% of Franconia’s territory – a record in Germany. Cultural as well as culinary experiences augment these natural treasures. The Franconian hiking experience is complete when you enjoy the local hospitality during or after your hike: a “Brotzeit” of homemade bread and meats, a tasty beer at a mountain-side cellar, a fresh glass of Franconian wine, or any other Franconian delicacy.