Main River. Dreaming. Renaissance.

King Ludwig I. of Bavaria loved the thousand year old city because of its mild, almost Mediterranean climate. These days, it‘s the sculptures and buildings of the glorious past that are giving Aschaffenburg its charm, making it an enjoyable and relaxing vacation destination or place to live.

Aschaffenburg is a historical, modern city located on the Main River. It is the gateway to the nature park Spessart Forest. The venerable, old city offers a large variety of cultural experiences. There is a wonderful classical music series, called the Schönbusch Serenades, which takes place in the Ridinger Hall of the Johannisburg Castle. Or you can enjoy the Aschaffenburg Talks, the Bach Days where the famous composer‘s music is performed at historical sites, the Guitar Days in February, the Culture Days and Night at the Museum in July, or the Children‘s Culture Day at the Nilkheimer Park. Especially attractive is the Carillon Festival: It takes place in the middle of summer at the Artisan Market in the castle courtyard. Musicians perform world-class carillon music in the East tower of the castle. Then there is a traditional fair or city fest in August, a festival celebrating the “Brotherhood of Nations” and, last but not least, the picturesque Christmas Market which takes place between the castle and the municipal hall. The historical city of Aschaffenburg has a happy, relaxed and tolerant ambiance year-round!

In addition to the cultural events, the city on the Main River scores with some outstanding museums. A special feature here is the fact that culture and architecture traditionally go hand in hand. This is not only evident in the ensemble of Johannisburg Castle, but also in the Christian Schad Museum, whose modern art of the 20th century fits perfectly with the premises of the manneristic Jesuit Church. Another curiosity is the Pompeiianum, a replica of a Roman village.


  • Johannisburg Castle
  • Schönbusch Park
  • Christian Schad Museum
  • The Pompeiianum
  • Medieval Old Town
  • Seminary Basilica St. Peter and Alexander