Nuremberger Land

The low mountain range Frankenalb literally offers many intriguing ups and downs. There are gently rolling hills, bizarre rock formations, and opportunities to travel deep into the interior of the earth.

The best way to explore this beautiful, natural environment is on foot or by bike. In the spring, there are fruit trees in bloom everywhere, and you can find rare orchids that are growing in the forests, sheltered by the trees. In the valleys, there are countless caves that have been carved out over time. Towering above it all, there are numerous, imposing fortresses, such as the Fortress Rothenberg or the Castle Hohenstein. The latter is the symbol of the Frankenalb. Locals love to keep up their traditions and so the best time to visit is during the summer months. That’s when there are fairs everywhere: the Kunigunden Festival in Lauf, the Flower Fest in Röthenbach, the Old City Festival in Hersbruck, and every three years, the town of Altdorf holds its Wallenstein Festival.