Franconian Switzerland

The dominating features of the landscape of the Franconian Switzerland are its mountain chains, steep slopes and the valleys of the rivers Wiesent, Plüttlach and Trubach. The region lives up to its name above and below ground.

The Franconian Switzerland is well known for its caves, such as the Sophien Cave, the Devil’s Cave, and the Bing Cave. These enormous grottos with their stalagmites and stalactites are symbolic for the underworld of the region. Above ground, on the other hand, the rocks reach straight for the sky. Dolomite rock formations are a rock climber’s paradise.

In the olden days, the area was at a crossroads of numerous trade routes, as can be witnessed by the number of fortresses, castles and ruins. Today, these old landmarks are welcome destinations for hikers and bicyclists like. The Region is especially beautiful during the spring when thousands of fruit trees are in bloom. The produce can be enjoyed fresh late in the summer or, if you so desire, you can wait yet a little longer and get your summer keepsake in the form of high-proof schnapps from a local distillery.

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