Welcome and Enjoy the Food

There is no shortage of culinary delights awaiting the visitor in Franconia. The offerings include superb Franconian wines, excellent beers, and venison from local forests, fresh-caught carp, and exquisite asparagus.

Our wines have done more to spread word of Franconian joie de vivre around the world than any other local product. That’s because red and white grapes alike grow exceptionally well in our vineyards. A glass of Franconian wine is heaven on earth for some, while others prefer a freshly brewed beer, right from the tap. Franconia boasts more breweries per square kilometer than any other area in Europe. Now that’s a beer lover’s dream come true!

Another local favorite that has risen to global fame is the Franconian bratwurst. While they are all excellent, there are big regional differences in size to the spices used. But don’t forget the other Franconian delicacies: Carp, lamb and asparagus. And after an opulent meal, it is time for a shot of high-proof fruit schnapps, made right here. The best places to enjoy all this and more are definetly Franconia's culinary events