Lovely Tauber Valley

If you enjoy the outdoors, hiking, bicycle touring, sports of any kind, or if it is the arts or gourmet food that make you tick: The Tauber Valley is your place to go.

The Tauber Valley stretches from Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, to Wertheim am Main, and Freudenberg and it is lined by vineyards as well as forests and meadows. Many artists drew inspiration from the lovely landscape: Clemens von Brentano and Eduard Mörike fell in love with the Tauber River Valley. Tilman Riemenschneider and Matthias Grünewald created their masterpieces here, many of which still add to the beauty of the area.

Hiking trips are a great way to combine a natural and cultural experience: The Tilman-Riemenschneider Trail takes you to the masterpieces of the famous wood carver. The Wine-Tauber Hiking Trail, on the other hand, leads through vineyards and offers possibilities for wine sampling along the way. Enjoy the proverbial Franconian hospitality during a stop at a winery or tavern. We also recommend sampling our excellent spelt specialties.